It's May. Whattaya say to a time shift? 
10 am at Bread, Sunday, May 7th.


Current ride sched

Home Depot, 11 am. Ride changes to Bread on daylight saving change, Sunday, March 5, still at 11 am.

  Since I'm a slacker and really too busy to ride much these days, looking for an additional admin.  Needs to have a Facebook and Google account (for blogger). Message the page to apply.

Ride it like it's a demo!


We are making final preparations for the Ride the Passes Party on Sunday May 15. Start time is 9:45am. The long range forecast for May 15 is in the 70's right now. Please e-mail us at ynot.smith@durangomu.com for additional information or to RSVP. We already have roughly 20 confirmed riders and party goers. Remember you can invite friends and non-riders are welcome and should arrive around noon. 

 See you there. Scott and Gail